The purpose

In early November 2017 will fall the centenary of the Forcella Clautana battle, wich was fought on the 7th November 1917. In this rearguard battle took part the bold dignitaries of the XVIII assault department, the 34° – 35° and 36° Alpin company of the Val Susa battalion, with six mountain cannons. On the other front, the Jager Division and a Schutzen battalion under the command of the unknown Lieutenant Erwin Rommel.

We wan to remember the event 100 years later nowadays, giving what was a war battle a different reading, in order to bind two folks that 100 years ago faced each other with gunfire.

We want to go back to the path that Rommel made cross the troops at his command, giving at the event a sporting and cultural importance at European level.

The trail will allow you to touch some of the most inspiring places of the area run by General Rommels troops, wich today constitutes one of the highest wilderness areas in Europe.

The goal is to tie the event, to the knowledge and valorisation of this places and to give them a profile of visibility that they do not enjoy today.

Part of the trail will take place within the Parco delle Dolomiti Friulane, a territory that is protected by UNESCO.

The track of the Trail will allow you to touch some of the most striking features
of the area traveled from the Troops of General Rommel, which today constitute one of the highest
Wilderness rate areas in Europe.

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