Regulation Ert Trail 2016

Rev.01 05.05.2017


Art. 1 – Organization

The trail is organized by the Committee ERT Trail, located in via A. Giordani n. 1, 33080 Claut (PN).

The ERT Trail will be held on 27/10 – 28/10/2017 as a celebration for the 100 years recurrence of the war event of 1917.


Art. 2 – Acceptance of the rules

The ERT Trail is a 64,50 km race where you run on forest tracks, roads, trails departing from

Vito d’Asio hamlet Pielungo – Conte Ceconi Castle, and finish in Claut, piazza S. Giorgio (PN), and covers about 3000 m of Vito d’Asio, Clauzetto, Meduno, Tramonti di Sotto, Tramonti di Sopra

In parallel it will be organized a trail on a shorter route with departure in Chievolis and arrival in Claut, a route of about 30 km. ERT Rommel Trail km. 34 D+ 1500 Trofeo ANA 100° Forcella Clautana 1917 – 2017, dedicated to all the tourist and athletes registered in military and paramilitary companies or institutions. The event is officially sponsored by IMS.

Briefing and meeting are foreseen in Claut as showen on the web site
The transport to the starting part will be, for those how required it at the registration, offered by the organisation Committee.

The material control and the backpack will take place in Pielungo and Chievolis before the start.

There will be a custody and transport service of the athletes pockets from the start to arrival in Claut, prior the packaging should be done by the athletes.

The ERT Trail will take place in accordance with this regulation, and the notice and changes that will be published on the web site

Con l’iscrizione ogni concorrente accetta il suddetto Regolamento Ufficiale di gara, si impegna a rispettarlo, esonerando gli organizzatori da ogni responsabilità, sia civile che penale, per qualsiasi eventuale incidente, e per danni a persone e/o cose da lui causati o a lui derivati, che possano verificarsi prima, durante e dopo la manifestazione.


By registering each contestand accepts the above-mentioned official Trail regulation, and undertakes to follow it, exonerating the organization from any liability, civil or criminal, for any possible accident, and damage to people and/or things caused by them which may occur befor, during and after the event.


The athletes also certify to be in physical and psychological condition to face the trail, and recognized to have been documented about the risk and the difficulties that the path leads, also claiming to be unaware of any prior medical condition or injuring that may put them at risk during the event.
To participate it is essential to take note of the length of the path and the difficulties that this entails run in nature, considering that the trail takes place at night.
It is essential to have a good state of physical fitness and a proper workout.


It’s also needed to have acquired, before the race, a real capacity of personal autonomy that let the athletes manage the problems that can rise from this type of test, in particular:

The ERT Trail does not include passages in altitude (max. altitude that you touch is about 1600 m. above the sea level). However, it remains true that the weather conditions (wind, cold, rain or snow) can upset the balance and the progress of the race and the running of the race by night.

Although minimal, there are stretched of exposed path that can be faced without safety ropes: on the trail there are not expected stretches wit climbing difficulties defined in the nomenclature CAI for “expert hikers” (EE).

The organizing committee reserves it’s right to change the regulation at any time, in order to ensure a better organisation of the trail.

Any changes to the service, places and timetables will be communicated to the registered athletes by e-mail and will be posted on the website .



ERT Trail joins the campaign “I Do Not Throw My Trash”. It is strictly forbidden to leave along the way any kind of material. The non-observance of this rules expects the immediately disqualification from the competition, the rest areas have special bins where you can throw the garbage.


Art. 3 – How to apply

Registration has to occour exclusively online on the website


Ert Rommel Trail km.64  

From 01.05 to 10.10.2017 will be charged a fee at 50 €

From 01.05 to 23.10.2017 will be charged a fee at 60 €


Ert Rommel Trail km.34  Trofeo ANA 100° Forcella Clautana 1917-2017 

From 01.05 to 10.10.2017 will be charged a fee of 25 €

From 01.05 to 23.10.2017 will be charged a fee of 30 €


Registration can be compiled on the registration page on the website filled in all it’s parts, has to be send together with the required documentation that is listed in the article 4 (necessary for the admission of the competitors).

The registration will be confirmed by receipt of the payment that has to be made by bank transfer:

Friulovest Banca, Credito Cooperativo, Piazza Roma, 12, 33086 MONTEREALE VALCELLINA

IT 25  B088   0564    9100    1900   0001   426

 Reason of Payment: Registration fee ERT Trail 2017

Each member after the payment and submission of the required documentation, will receive a confirmation by e-mail and will be added on the member list.


The registration will close by the achieving:

# 250 subscribers for the 64 km Trail

# 250 subscribers for the 34 km Trail

and in any case no late than 10/23/2017 (the date of the payment will prevail).

An eventual increase or decrease of the maximum number of the participants is at the discretion of the organization.

The registration fee includes all the services describes in this registration.

The registration will be completed and validated only when the organisation will receive all the required documentation, completed by the payment of the fee.


Art. 4 – Conditions to competitors admission

The organization has not established a profile to be able to participate at the ERT Trail.

It is mandatory the presentation of a medical certificate for the 64 km trail..  Self-declarations are not permitted.

Self-declarations are only permitted for the 34 km trail.  



Italian and stranger athletes can participate only if over 18 or they have reached 18 years of age by the 21-10-2017, and if in possession of the following document:

Possession of a valid medical athletic sports certificate, valid until the 27th October 2017 for the 64 km trail.

P.S. Certificates that are not valid for athletics will be not considered (example running, soccer, tennis, cycling, triathlon, etc…).

Self-declaration are only permitted for the 30 km trail, and have to be present during the breast plate pick up in addition to the sending in the registration phase.


Italian and stranger athletes can participate only if over 18 or they have reached 18 years of age by the 21-10-2017, and if in possession of the following document:

Possession of a valid medical athletic sports certificate, valid until the 27th October 2017 for the 64 km trail.

Self-declaration are only permitted for the 30 km trail, and have to be present during the breast plate pick up in addition to the sending in the registration phase.


Art. 5 – Ratings and awards

Ert Rommel Trail 64km

There will be prizes in money for the top three male and female of each trail.

The absolute top 3 male and female will be awarded with prized in nature and local products.

Everyone will receive a goody bag of the event.



The top three male and female of the 30 km trail will be awarded with a prize in money.

The TROFEO ANA 100° FORCELLA CLAUTANA. will be reserved for the first athlete to cross the finish line.


The first male and female Military or paramilitary athlete to cut the intermediate sprint (traguardo volante?) on Forcella Clautana for the 100 anniversary of the first World War will be awarded with a wood sculpture.


Art. 6 – Distribution of the start numbers and check of the backpacks

The delivery of the start numbers and goody bag will take place individually for each competitor, upon presentation of a valid ID, valid medical certification or self-certificated for the 30 km trail, copy of payment and signing of a consent form as follows:

ERT ROMMEL TRAIL  64km –  at the headquarter of the event via A. Giordani 4, Claut on date and time line on the “competition program” on the website –

ERT ROMMEL TRAIL 34Km – the start numbers will be given c/o the trail office at the start in Chievolis, while the goody bag will be provided on the arrival in Claut upon delivery of the start number.

The obligatory material to carry along the trail will be strictly controlled at the start. Controls of the obligatory material of the backpacks may also be performed along the trail, and in the absence of the materials disqualification is expected.


Art. 7 – Obbligatory and recommended material



It is allowed the use of chopstick.

Each athlete must carry with him for the hole duration of the trail the totality of the obligatory material.


Art. 8 – Stamping and controls at the start

The start number most be always visible, pined on the chest or the stomach, and it is the access pass to the refreshment areas, life bases, bags, etc… 20 minutes before the start will be stamping.


Art. 9 – Trail route

The trail, when crossing the villages, is open to vehicle traffic.

The athletes have to use extreme care when crossing the roads and respect the traffic laws.

Please refer to the website ,where the GPS track will be available; the track will have minor adjustment compared to the available track, the athletes must in any case follow the path traced by the organization.


Art. 10 – Checkpoints

The checkpoints along the route, in correspondence of all Life Bases and some break points, have the task of recording the passage of the athletes and to check the backpacks (randomly) other checkpoints will be set up along the path without notice.
The stamping at the checkpoints allow at the arrival to establish of the real passing of the athletes.

The athletes have to stop the time that will be required for the inspection before continuing. Only the runners carrying a visible race number will have access to the refreshment points.

If one passage of the athlete at one checkpoint is not registered the athlete will be disqualification. The organization is AUTHORIZED TO STOP those who do not feel fit to continue, on rather because out of maximum time.


Art. 11 – Personal assistance and recovery pf the withdrawn athletes

In case of withdrawal, the competitor has to notify immediately to the person in charge of the rearest checkpoints or break point, handing over the race number. Notifying your withdrawal is necessary to avoid to alert unnecessarily emergency vehicles in case of non-arrival of the athletes.

To the athletes will be given assistance and they will be recovered by the refreshment points and life bases along the path.

The intervention of vehicles and people outside of this points necessarily involves a mainentation from the principal security arrangements. The request for assistance must be properly motivated to real danger, otherwise, on in case when it’s possible to reach the coverage individually, it is necessary to continue up to that point. The recovery of the athletes and backpacks will be applied according to the organizations needs, giving priority to the athletes in difficulty.

Any athletes research costs, withdrawn without giving proper notice to the organization will be charged to himself.


Art. 12 – Road Book

The road book initially planned will not be produced.
The routes information are available on the website and will be provided at the briefing before the start and diving the route by the staff.
The path will be appropriately marked with reflector materials and artificial lighting on the most critical points.


Art. 13 – Security and medical assistance

Security and Medical Assistance will be ensured by appropriate staff, trained volunteers will move along the path in areas accessible to them; areas not accessible to the vehicles there will be other operators authorized by the Organization.
We recall that each athletes is responsible for their own safety and must strictly follow the path and the information given by the Organization

Any athlete in case of need can appeal to rescue:

Do not forget that depending on the race condition and the location where you are, the rescue way arrive later than you expect. Your security will also depend on the material that you have in the backpack.

The official trail doctors and the organization’s staff are allowed to stop the athletes considered unfit to continue the trail, in this case the race number of the athlete will be withdrawn.

If necessary, for reason that are in the interest of the rescued person, it will be called the official aid, which will take over the direction of the operation and put in place all the appropriate means, including the helicopter. Any costs arising from the use of this exceptional means will be charged to the rescue person according to the current regulation  

Hence the suggestion for the athletes to take out a personal insurance the dossier needed for a refund.. In case of impossibility to contact the coordinator of the route, it is possible to directly call for help (particularly if you are in no telephone coverage area). Tel. 118 through Italy.

An athlete that appeals to a doctor or a rescue submits their decisions; the medical vehicles will be left to the medical staff.

The path is accessible to vehicles for most of it’s development.
Every athlete has the duty, punished with disqualification, to assist of other athletes in trouble, but without having people with suspect fractures and promptly report to the organization’s staff that require intervention of the emergency services.
Emergency vehicles, organization’s vehicles, check points will in permanent contact with the logistic base of the trail (Piazza S. Giorgio in Claut) located in the arrival area.
One or more volunteers of the organization will ensure the closing of the trail and follow the last athlete.


Art. 14- Insurance

The organization will sign an insurance for civil liability for all the organization of the trail. Participations at the trail is till under the full responsibility of the athletes, who through their membership waive any appeal consequences arising after the race.

Every athlete is strongly encouraged to obtain a personal accident insurance, which also covers possible search or transport costs by helicopter and exceptional means.

On the pick up of the race pack, the athlete must:


Art. 15 – Refreshment points, drinks and food

The refreshment points will be provided with drinks (hot and cold) and groceries. In no refreshment points will be available plastic glasses: to drink the athletes must have their own plastic glasses or other bin suitable for this use.

Along the path will be available dining and water supply points and a life bases in a heated structure, with a toilet and hot food.

Upon arrival there will be a provided refreshment point with food at the complete disposal of the athletes. Each athletes leaving he refreshment point, will have to make sure that he has enough water and food to reach the next refreshment point.

Upon arrival will be available showers and rest areas, medical assistance.


Art. 16 – Backpacks

Each athlete can leave at the General Headquarter bag containing personal affects, changing clothes, etc.

The athlete must place all the material in a special 20-25 bag, seal it and apply the race number he got.

The bags can be retrieved at the arrival and only after the event.

The organisation will not for any reason send the forgotten bags to the respective home of the athlete, but for reason of hygiene they will be immediately destroyed.


Art. 17 – Maximu n time and time berriers

The maximum time to complete the race is:

Ert Rommel Trail 64km

15:30 hours to complete the trail

It will be indicated by the life bases this following time barriers:


Ert Rommel Trail 34Km – Trofeo Forcella Clautana

06:30 hours to complete the trial.

If will be indicated by the life bases this following time barriers:


The organization’s staff will be irremovable in blocking the athletes who will arrive at the time barriers out of time, this to ensure the safety of participants and staff on the trail.

It is mandatory for every athlete to be detected at each check point and/or refreshment, life base, penalty is the disqualification from the race.

It will provided a service called “scopa” that will follow the last competitor, in order to help and prevent that any injured withdrawn remains without assistance.


Art. 18 – Penalties and suspensions

The organization’s staff on the trail is authorized to check the obligatory material and, in general, the respect of the entire regulation. All competitors that will be found at the controls without the obligatory material will be immediately disqualified without the possibility of appeal on this sanction.
The jury can declare the disqualification in case of breaches of the regulation or in part:

The disqualification by the race judges or the Organization or the withdrawal, does not provide for any form of refund of the subscription fee.


Art. 19 – Complaint jury

The jury consist of:

Decision will be made consistent with the imperatives of the race on all type of contention or decisions that occurred during the run. The decisions are final.


Art. 20 – Complaints

Complaints will be accepted only if made in writing, within 30 minutes after the provisional organization ranking arrival, with the payment of 150€ non-refundable.


Art. 21 – Location change or cancellation of the race

The organizations reserves it’s right to modify at any time the path or location of the rescue and refreshment points, without warning. In case of unfavourable weather conditions (rain, cold, snow, strong risk of storm), the start may be delayed or cancelled, or the path can be changed and or reduced. In case of adverse weather conditions and for safety reason, the organization reserves it’s to terminate the current race or modify the time barriers. In case of cancellation of the race the subscription fee will not be refunded and kept valid for the next edition.

Art. 22 – Publicity rights

Each participant waives the right on it’s image during the race, as well as waives any appeal against the organizer and it’s authorized partners for the use made of his image.

By subscribing to ERT Rommel Trail, the athlete authorizes the organization, together with sponsor and accredited media partners, the acquisition of the right to use images which will appear on all media, including promotional and/or advertising materials.

Any communication about the event or use of the pictures of the event will be in accordance with the official agreement of the organization. In addition with the subscribing the athlete authorize the organization to the processing of data pursuant to Legislative Decree 190/2003 “Code regarding the protection of personal data”.

The data will be stored by the legal representative of the Organization Committee ERT Rommel Trail.

Any competitor can apply for cancellation of their data by sending a registered letter to:

Comitato ERT Trail, via A. Giordani 1, 33080 CLAUT (PN) Italia.


Art. 23 – Registration fee

Ert Rommel Trail km.64 

From 01.05. to 01.10.2017 will be charged a fee of €.45.00

From 01.10 to 23.10.2017 will be charged a fee of €.55.00

Ert Rommel Trail km.34 

Dal 01.05. al 01.10.2017 will be charged a fee of €.25.00

Dal 01.10 al 23.10.2017 will be charged a fee of €.30.00


Late Registration will be possible, according to transport for race number, food and drink, the possible transport for athletes in case of withdrawal.

The fee includes the contents of the race package:


Technical gadget + T-Shirt + gadgets provided by the sponsor, the race number, food and drink, the possible transport for athletes in case of withdrawal.

Dinner 27.10.2017 – Pasta party; Lunch of 28.10.2017, transfer service Claut – Castello Ceconi Pielungo di Vito d’Asio only if booked at the time of subscription and not later than 23.10.2017.


T-Shirt + gadgets provided by the sponsor, the race number, food and drink, the possible transport for athletes in case of withdrawal.

Lunch of 28.10.2017 – Pasta party; transfer service Claut – Chievolis only if booked at the time of subscription and not later than 23.10.2017.


Art. 24 – Non partecipation

The participation fee is not refundable.

If documented by the athlete the inability to attend the ERT Trail he can transfer the registration to another person.

The substituting participant must pay an additional fee of 5,00 € to cover administrative costs, and provide all personal information relating to the made of participation (membership and health certification made). The transfer to another person, with it’s payment of fees, should be formalized by the 25th October 2017.


Art. 25 – Spirit of the event

The ERT Trail is a competitive race which however does not fall outside the commonly accepted rules of behaviour and by the spirit of tolerance and respect typical of extreme competitions. The spirit of the event is to retrieve the war events on the occasion of the centenary of 2017; the event will be an opportunity for a re-enactment in a modern key in order to

ansmit a peace and solidarity message between people who participated in the fighting on opposite sites; along with this the event will offer to the participants a glimpse of the territory among the wildest and least populated in Western Europe, enhancing the knowledge of the same. In this sprint are planned particular passages in locations and there will be small not strictly competitive.


Art. 26 – Any changes to the regulation that may be necessary or appropriate will be posted on the site.



Claut, li 05.05.2017


The track of the Trail will allow you to touch some of the most striking features
of the area traveled from the Troops of General Rommel, which today constitute one of the highest
Wilderness rate areas in Europe.

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Sezione di Claut
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