Ert Rommel Trail has not particular orientation difficulties, however it schould be noted that in the first part of it will follow trails both CAI and non CAI, so you will have to pay attention to the luminous signs that will be on the route. After the RACLI bridge there will be not particular difficulties because the path will be for great part forestry and military.


It could be dangerous to abandon the path CAI o the mountain CIAURLEC for the presence of skinholes due to nature of the ground.
On the descent from Cima Valinis to the road in Roburnon you have to be careful to avoid injuries.Attention must also be taken along the Strada degli Alpini, which in the stretch between Troncocenere and the Casa Vento has two or three steps to be taken care but that will be properly signed.

Other information

The organisation expects that the athletes, when they pass the War Cemetery have to lay down one red or white rose in front of the gate: this will represent the colours of the flags of the fallen that rest together. The trail does not want to be a timely and accurate historical re-enactment of dates and paths, historians do not want it.
The route will however cross the most relevant sites as far as possible.


Start from the field in front of the castle “Conte Ceconi” (m 470) at 0:00 of October 28th 2017 (granted by the Graphistudio poperty , sponsor of the event)

Trail on track (mulattiera), in countinous climb up (latch) to graft on the road 55

Turn right and immediately to the left on the path leading to “Gerchia”

Climbing in the middle of an beechwood, you pass the Forno hill (m615)

Downhill towards the valley bottom along the Rio

Climb back up near the Forno war cemetery where the fallen of the Forno battle rest together; it will be the first war site that the trail will encounter on its path. It is planned that every athlete passing by should deposit a flower in front of the cemetery.

Climb near the town of Tascans and descent to the Pradis caves. Beware of passages in the middle of countryards and change of directions. Follow the direction carefully

Turn right towards Pradis di Sotto, through a mule track you can reach the first houses

Take the trail that after a modest uphill ride leads to the place called Piani, descending towards the provincial road

Turn right, take the provincial road

After 300m on the left, follow the CAI 819 trail leading to Cima Ciaurlec (m1148)

The climb is not long but pay attention to the CAI marks as well as the signage of the organisation; you run into a large beechwood to the Ciaurlec upland. WARNING DO NOT ABBANDON THE TRAIL IN NIGHT LIGHTS AS THE NATURE OF THE GROUND WOULD BE DANGEROUS BECAUSE OF THE FREQUENTLY PRESENCE OF HOLES AND FOIBE. After some km in the woods you exit by Malga Valinis, with a spectacular view over the plain

Climb up back to the field from Malga Valinis to Cima Valinis (m 1102)

From Cima Valinis you leave the uplands of the Valinis Ciaurlec complex and you begin to descend towards to the river Meduna

Long downhill and challenging single track to Forchia, where you cross the road and descend along a wide and runnable trail to Borgo del Bianco – hamlet of Meduno

When you are at Borgo del Bianco, after crossing the village, turn right and follow a second technical descent along the “Troi de Bosgnacs” to the valley, regional road 552

Troi de Bosgnacs (historical point of view) or Bosnian path; this were the toops that Lieutenant Rommel has made climb in order to break an Italian defense point, organised by a Bersaglieri department in Roburnon (about 300m)

Passing under the monument in memory of the fallen of the Roburnon battle; then you cross the regional road and descend towards the Meduna

You have to cross the Meduna; first you go down the asphalt road and then walk to the Ponte

Cross over and climb to the Navarons village, here will be a life stand with heated space, brandies and hot food

From Navarons you have to climb on the night bank of the Meduna first on the asphalt road and then dredge road up to the feet of the Col Ventous

Climbing tealing the Col Ventous (454) and descending towards Ponte Racli ( circa 30 km)

Go down the provincial road that goes back to the Val Silisia and climb up the paved road; you will cross the Faidona village, leaving Chievolis on the right

Take the valley along the paved road to the Selva dam.

From here you go up the right bank of the lake, along the dirt road that after save downhill runs to the Tronconere place (m 803 ) – Refreshment point

From Tranconere the trail can follow the Alpini road and climb for about 8 km to the Forcella Calutana (m 1452)

Forcella Clautana is the most significant fire fighter spot among the Italian rearguards committed to delaying the Austo-fierman advance and the troops led by Lieutenant Rommel – Refreshment point

Technical climb with some exposed points, on a military road steeped down by the mountain

From Forcella Clautana you descend to Casa Vento (m 980), along the 1908 military road

One you reach Casa Vento the last point with water, you pass the lawn of the mountain pasture and after a short descend turn left along the forest road you will reach the fork of lian de Crode

You go along the trail, keeping you always on the night and climb up the forest road that brings to the Pradut

Take the slope downhill to the Pian del Muscol

You cross the Ponte del Capitano bridge ( year 1308) on the river Cellina near Tesis village; at this point the are about 3500 metres to the arrival

Descend along the Cellina river; last climb at 1500 uphill from arrival. Arrival in San Giorgio square in Claut (m 613).


The track of the Trail will allow you to touch some of the most striking features
of the area traveled from the Troops of General Rommel, which today constitute one of the highest
Wilderness rate areas in Europe.

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